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Our programs are simple and transparent, making it easy for you to compare pricing. You can customize your level of care with CHM Plus, a low-cost addition for eligible medical bills over $125,000.

We share 100 percent of eligible medical bills according to our Guidelines. At CHM, we use a unit system—no family pays for more than three units per month, regardless of the number of dependent children.

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Explore our programs, CHM Gold, CHM Silver, CHM Bronze, or CHM SeniorShare™, and add the optional CHM Plus program to protect against catastrophic medical bills. Christian Healthcare Ministries also has group program options for employers.
Per unit, per month
Minimum amount to qualify per incident/illness
Lifetime maximum per illness without CHM Plus*
Telemedicine services at no additional cost
Inpatient and outpatient hospital incidents & surgery
Maternity care (including prenatal, home or hospital birth, postnatal, and infant wellness visits for 90 days)
Physical therapy & home healthcare (up to 45 visits per injury/sickness)
Incident-related doctor’s office visits & prescriptions
*As long as all other Guidelines are met. All programs have an illness cap of $125,000 per illness unless adjusted by the CHM Plus add-on option.

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CHM Plus

CHM Plus is your safeguard against catastrophic illness or injury. For only $27 a month for each unit, this low-cost, biblically-based program takes care of medical bills that exceed the $125,000 limit per illness specified in the CHM Guidelines.

To add CHM Plus, check the box on the CHM Member Application. If you’ve already applied and want to add CHM Plus, please use the free Member Portal or call our Member Services department at 1-800-791-6225, ext. 5993.

Christian healthcare plans for your group.

Group health programs

CHM has over 700 participating groups with Christian staff. These programs allow faithful employees to express their faith through the biblical community that CHM provides.

“While I’ve always been fond of the health cost sharing model, Christian Healthcare Ministries stands out above the rest.”
– Dr. Joel Judah, M. D., Macon, Georgia

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