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A biblical covenant,
not a contract

How it works

CHM is a faith-based alternative to health insurance. It’s a membership-based, nonprofit ministry. As part of a biblical covenant, CHM members step in and help fellow brothers and sisters in Christ pay eligible medical bills according to the CHM Guidelines.

Choose from one of four programs—CHM Gold, CHM Silver, CHM Bronze, or CHM SeniorShare™—and add CHM Plus as an option to protect against catastrophic medical bills.

For Maryland residents only: Learn additional information regarding CHM membership for Maryland residents here.

Flexible healthcare that meets you where you are.

Step 1
Choose your healthcare provider with freedom to choose quality care—no network!
Step 2
Submit eligible bills by answering a few simple questions on the Member Portal and uploading your medical bills.
Step 3
Receive your funds. Your CHM family takes care of your eligible medical bills. It’s that easy!

Join today with anytime enrollment.

You can apply for CHM membership by completing our secure online application. CHM has no waiting period, so your start date can be as soon as the same day you apply. Click here to learn about our pre-existing conditions policy.

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“I’ve been a member for 5 years. I’m impressed how helpful the people are and how easy it is to submit bills online. I couldn’t be happier with being a member. I love CHM.”
– Peggy P., Dallas, TX


CHM values


God created every person uniquely and for a unique purpose beyond what we can see. [Romans 12:10, 1 Peter 2:17]


We glorify God by serving others with humility, excellence, and care. [Matthew 20:28]


The fruit of accountability is the willingness to take responsibility for one’s time, resources, and conduct. [Titus 2:7-8]


Our goals, expectations, boundaries, and potential are flexible to God’s refining plan. Regardless of our achievements today, we want to be better tomorrow. [Philippians 4:8]


We celebrate that the source of goodness is not ourselves but God. Everything good comes from Him. [James 1:17]

What happens after joining?

You’ll officially be part of the CHM family and come alongside your fellow believers to lift the burden of eligible medical bills for one another. As a new member, you’ll get access to the Member Portal. If you apply by phone, you can make your first monthly contribution when you join CHM. We’ll send other essential membership items within two to three weeks of submitting your application. To learn more, download your free Information Pack.


Your questions answered

We’ve gathered some of our most commonly asked questions about CHM and joining our biblical community.

If you have more questions about how we work, the cost sharing process, or the advantages that CHM offers you, explore our frequently asked questions.