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Getting Close to the Place... John 1.35-42
« on: January 05, 2019, 17:55:23 »
Getting to the Close Place

There is no closer place to be to Jesus than to be where He is dwelling.  Very few ever find this ‘close place’ to Jesus. The close place to Jesus requires our intense seeking for Him; which very few ever do. Following after Jesus takes us from where we are to the close place where Jesus dwells. It’s hard to leave our comfort and familiar places for the close place to Jesus; however, this is exactly the nature of the Christine life.

The days Jesus began to appear along the River Jordan were the initiation of His calling men to Himself.  John the Baptist was there and his purpose was to get the eyes of the world off himself and upon Jesus Christ. John would live his purpose, and then he would fade from the scene.  Jesus would take believers on a three year journey, transform their lives and send them out upon a new world mission.  This is the Christian life. Those who followed Jesus no longer live to themselves; they would live, in the flow of Jesus, to take on world mission.

Any follower will run to Jesus, if they run for their own space and distance; however, the follower who will follow to the nature of Jesus Christ is the follower who is truly Christian. Getting close to Jesus is discovering who, and what, He is.  Time spent with Jesus is time getting to know the nature of Jesus. 

When men followed Jesus, while he was in the flesh, Jesus took them to His dwelling where they could discover Him personally. Naturally, these went out and won their world to Jesus. False Christianity, today, produces nothing of the sort.

Getting close to the place of God is to get close through Jesus Christ.  Here, those who seek Him, seek to the mission of the world. An artist once crafted a picture of mission and evangelism.  He began by drawing a storm tossed ship breaking up against rocks along an ocean coast. One sailor, struggling to survive, clung to one of those rocks; with the stormy waves crashing around him.  To the artist, this was a picture of a lost sinner holding onto Jesus to find salvation.  However, the artist had to rethink his concept of Christian salvation. The artist started over. He drew the same storm tossed ship breaking up against the rocks with the stormy waves crashing around him.  He also drew the same sailor clinging to one of those rocks to be saved from certain death. However, the artist redrew the sailor. This time the sailor was holding onto a rock, as before; but was reaching out with the other hand to pull another sailor to safety.  This is Christianity. This is ‘getting to the close place.’ 

If we get to the Christian place, we must not allow our experience to be ‘couch Christianity’; which is no Christianity at all.  ‘Couch’ lives to him or herself without any regards to Church, tithes and mission. Couch is no Christianity at all.  The first disciples went to the close place, discovered the Christ’ place and, then, went to the called place; called to be missional.  Getting to the close place is a joy, but only when the seeker truly seeks. What a joy to get to the close place.  John 1.35-42
Pastor Gerald Casselman

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Re: Getting Close to the Place... John 1.35-42
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Pastor Gerald,
Thank you for posting, yet again, a wonderful sermon! 
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