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Interesting Statistic
« on: February 21, 2018, 16:50:05 »
Hello all .... Just thought I would pop in say hello ... Hello!  There!  I said it!!  I feel much better now!  ;)    Anyway, I was mucking about all across this board, and honestly, I have no idea, as in zero idea ... of the "total" number of people that have gone through this ministry, received an education, got licenced, ordained, etc..  In one post, it was addressed as "Attention All Members" ... Now, having said what I have about having zero idea as to the "actual total" number of people who supposedly, or actually claim that they belong to this ministry, or are associated to it in one way or another, it was interesting to note that there were 18 responses, myself being one of the 18.  Recently, I have been reading posts concerning the responses placed here on the forum board, or perhaps lack of.  Those of you who have shared something in response to the afore mentioned concern have indeed made valid contributions, as I have.  I think ... just my humble opinion here ... that most have gone on to bigger & better social media outlets such as face Book, which STAR has an account with ... Twitter, Instagram, etc..  I notised somewhere here where STAR has a Twitter account, which I have one as well.  I have not been able to find it, so anyone who knows of it ... help me out, ok?  Would love to find it.  The bottom line ... Those of us who have responded are no doubt the core group to this ministry.  Keep shooting your ideas, suggestions, etc ... At some point, some will get implemented, & thru that & prayer, we should see .. hopefully ... a turn around in number.  Just saying! Blessings!   :)