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Remedy to Perceiving and Entering God's Kingdom
« on: January 27, 2018, 19:38:59 »
What Stops Us From Heaven? …..  Here’s the Remedy…   

We are not limited to this world or our flesh; however, sometimes we do imprison ourselves. It is the desire of God that we discover a birth that is birth in a brand new way; one that frees us to a new realm of life. In Jesus, we call this new realm ‘God’s Kingdom’ and the way to or in it is ‘the Spirit of Jesus’; also called the Holy Spirit. Our human experience to God’s Kingdom through the Person of the Holy Spirit is called ‘born again.’  In our human capacity, we can’t understand how to become born again; but this Bible passage tells us that we must be born again for the kingdom of God; to perceive, see and enter it. Without the Spirit providing new birth for God’s Kingdom, we settle for our flesh-ful ways and the limits of our world.

John 3.1-9 gives us the remedy through the maze of our world imprisonment to the Spiritual life of new birth in the realm of kingdom of God.  Jesus said, new birth is the beginning to getting free from the limits our flesh and this world. Though this world is a beautiful place, it comes with pains. This world is not our home; it is a proving ground. Failure is for sure; however, failing forward is success.  Jesus said “we must be born again” John 3.3. 

Jesus further said that the new birth is by the water and the Spirit. The water  may be confession, and the Spirit is the definite power of the Person who makes born a new (or from above) possible (John 3.5).

The Spirit of Jesus enables the Christian to see and perceive the Kingdom of God; moreover enter into the Kingdom of God.   If we find ourselves in this new birth the life of that Kingdom is different; for the Spirit is the sole director and helper in that place.  The Spirit of Jesus is completely independent of the child of God; he who perceives and enters God’s kingdom by the birth of the Spirit, John 3.8.
The final remedy to the Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven, is the proof of that Kingdom.  If we have proof of that Kingdom of God experience ( Spiritual birth, sight of that Kingdom and the actual entrance into it), that proof would be the active life of Jesus Himself.
The proof of the Spiritual new birth and the perceptive entrance into God’s Kingdom is the face of God before men; the actual full expression of God as the Person of God in Jesus Christ. The  Giver of the Holy Spirit and the new birth for God’s Kingdom is Jesus. The requirement is One who has gone through the heavens. The second requirement is One whom was ‘lifted up’ on a cross for our world of sin to the Kingdom of God (John 3.13,14,15).   Thus, Jesus is the remedy to the Kingdom of God… 
Pastor Gerald Casselman