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Master's Call. Matthew 4.18-22
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When the Master Calls …  Matthew 4:18-22

As Jesus appeared as a light in the darkness, we must remember that we are also initially living in darkness. There is plenty of light going around us. We wonder, Do we really live in darkness?’  We don’t often think of our troubles as living in darkness until life seems to get the best of us; or even death knocks at our door. Then, we realize, this is about spiritual darkness; rather than physical darkness.  It is definite that the two (physical and spiritual) influence each other. When Jesus Appeared in Galilee, He came as a light in our darkness. He came to call and transform us into instrument of glory to Him. He came to minister, and He came to call. His call is for purpose and that purpose is to call others.

Jesus’ call is His invitation to us in the same manner as His first call to those in Galilee; even more specifically ‘the disciples.’   The call was an invitation to follow Him. The call is further a call of sacrifice.  Those who respond, will leave many things just to do the will of Jesus.  When called, we too, will leave our worldly interests and follow Jesus. This makes the call sacrificial.

The call of Jesus is also creative. Jesus said “I WILL MAKE YOU FISHERS OF MEN.”    As the disciples were made to catch men for Jesus, we are all called to be in ministry for the sake of Jesus Christ.  As followers, Jesus creates in us the ability and interest to use our gifts to catch men for God. This is the Master’s Call. ..
Pastor Gerald Casselman