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By the Spirit and Word of God
« on: December 30, 2017, 21:11:57 »
By the Spirit and Word of God…  Luke 4.1-13

We need the Spirit and Word of God to overcome the devil’s temptations.  Succumbing to sin means that we have not the Spirit and Word of God.

The devil’s temptations are deep and powerful; for the temptations attack us where it counts; that is our appetites, eye sights and our pride.  These lusts are so powerful and twisted in our human nature. As with every other aspect of our human nature, we must have the Spirit and Word of God to overcome these twisted things the devils uses against us.

Can we overcome the devil’s attempts?  First, let’s reestablish that the devil can and will try to get us to sinfully use our lusts against God. He is capable of doing that to you and me; however, the devil can do nothing against us that our own hearts will allow; that is, if we have the Spirit and Word of God as our shield. These are our weapons against the devil.

Can we overcome as Jesus did?  Jesus overcame the same appetites of humanity as we can. Jesus’ source and power came from His Father’s Spirit and Word. It is the same for us. Jesus truly laid down His life so that we could be saved out of  sin and be filled with the Spirit and Word of His Father; our heavenly Father.

The Spirit and the Word of God are the weapons against the efforts of the devil. We have the Spirit and Word of God at our disposal; however, we must know that love and obedience must be the over-comer’s life. Love and obedience compels the Christian to serve the Lord with all one’s heart, soul and strength.  This means to love God’s Word more than the physical appetite of food. Secondly, this means to worship the Lord God rather than the creation. Thirdly, this means that human pride for self is dead; that Jesus Christ is king of kings and Lord of lords. 

Pastor Gerald Casselman