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My future Obituary
« on: May 07, 2017, 21:01:51 »
Rev. Harry Greene
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"Ask not what God can do for you but what you can do for God" Called to Ministry and answering God's call.

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Re: My future Obituary
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2017, 04:12:37 »
Lol. Thought provoking. I am currently in Home Health, specializig in geriology... I am forced to examine the reality of life and death.on a regular basis. My reoccuring.question to myself is; what lesson did l leave behind? How will others sum up who l was. But most important, what does.God see when l stand before him? Will He see me as a reflection of His Son? Will He see l chose to walk in the fruits of the Spirit? Planting love, sowing peace, and striving everyday just to touch the hem of His garment? Or will He see me as a person upholding the god of self, chasing after the emptiness of life, never being satisfied because my busynes kept my focus off His blessings and gifts to me.  God forbid. It is so easy to get lost in the challenge of living, but it is up to us to keep ptessing through the crowd so that we may touch but the hem of His garment. Very thought provoking post Bishop Harryy.

Evangelist Olivia Dunaway