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DAMASCUS ROAD … Acts 9.10-19

Should the Lord call anyone to such a task, he would want to be worthy and ready of such a task. The call of Christ is as big a thing as the difference one can make in the life of someone without hope or in deception. Though a person may be thinking to follow God, that same person may be opposing Jesus Christ. The reality of this mistake is the purpose of Christ’s calling upon you and me. Be careful how you handle the wayward man; lest you push him further away.  Jesus Christ is the revelation of light upon a man, and He is employing that light right now in the darkness of the world; a darkness that sinks into the soul of men. Lest, God calls, the world may perish. Lest the Christian world answer to such a high calling of Jesus Christ, darkness will remain the greater fact.

One who is faced with his mistakes is one who may be yet waiting for the Christian man or woman to intercede.  Believers are intimate and in tune with the Lord. These are those who will go faithfully into the lives of men and women with the great good news of Jesus Christ.  Christians are people who are ready to go to their world for Jesus when and where the Lord ‘Himself’ calls them to.   

Let us go without reserve to a world waiting in darkness. The light of God is Jesus Christ, and that light penetrates even the most remote darkest of places.  And those who go will go with no regards to their convenience. The Lord has already ripened the fields. These will go because the Lord calls. These will go even when the road looks worthless. These will go at the very cost of pleasure. These are they who will go.

He who waits in the reality of his dark mistakes is he who is seeking.  He is overcome with the reality of his darkness.  A genuine seeker will wait for God to restore him. He may sit in the agony for days; however, he will not act until God has met the timing. He, who seeks, knows that today is the day of salvation. He knows that another day should not be wasted.  He waits for God’s man upon His door, and when that intercession comes, the light and healing are bent on coming. Praise the Lord for coming.  When the Lord calls, we are ready to intercede. When light comes, we are awakened, refreshed and healed.   

Our ministry and website have come under attack both in our website and administration and I ask our members for help in resolving these issues after being hacked and having our website this messed up.  Please call me if you can help in any way.  God Bless and Keep; each of you.  We are seeing a serious battle between the World and the Christian Faith.  7064278054
Wonders of God Through the Spirit … Acts 2.1-12
The continued presence of the Holy Spirit is still my high in ministry. I must have Him for the equipping of my heart in ministry. I need Him for preaching as I do for everyday practical living.
Only let me be in unity with what God is doing in His world. May I find the unifying assembly of believers, and may we find together the fresh anointment of the Holy Spirit for life’s service and work of mission throughout the world; beginning with my home.
Fill me, Lord Jesus, with your Holy Spirit. Let me wait in silence until You come. Cleanse my heart as You fill me with Your Spirit. Send me out into Your creation equipped and enabled to communicate the Wonders of God. Let my message be those Wonders of God as they pertain to Jesus Christ and Him crucified, resurrected and now reigning through the Spirit through the heart of every believer.
May our mission in tomorrow’s assembly realize the mission of Jesus Christ, not only to our home, but to the reality of its effectiveness to the whole world!
There was much confusion on this Day of Pentecost; which we emphasize tomorrow. It was a strange thing for ordinary people to communicate to the world about Jesus. Ministry is sometimes very difficult. We should want the Lord to fill and equip us for the ability to express the wonders of God about Jesus to the world before us.
Come Lord and teach us that it is not about the ability / empowerment to speak in a different tongue, but teach us that the Christian must have the Pentecostal experience as it pertains to the experience of a change heart and life. Teach us, Jesus, that changed hearts and lives is the lived out practical filling of the Holy Spirit as we witness Jesus to our world around us.
Where there is anger, still the anger. Where there has been unfaithfulness in relationships, let there be forgiveness and the Spirit’s help for healing. Let the faithful continue faithful; let the unfaithful become faithful. Where we lack the effectiveness of Christ in the world, empower us for greater Spirit filled hearts for the mission in the world. Where we are unwilling, counsel us, Holy Spirit, to be willing to live Christian witness. Let us read our Bible, pray and attend the Spirit-filled Church. Stop us from excuses by Your Spirit. We rise up to win our world for Jesus by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in our changed hearts and lives.

Brother Clint

I have learned through my 57 years that when I believe in the scripture that says "I" can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.  God has proven this to my wife and me so many times and I have come to believe in this from the start of our 18 years marriage.  My wife has PCOS and was told that she could not have children but we have a beautiful 16-year-old daughter, and my first wife and I had a wonderful son who is now 36 years old.  I also have had my share of financial needs and God has blessed us when we really need it and while we need one now I stand on that scripture, so I encourage you to do the same stand on that word.  Philippians 4:13 New King James Version (NKJV)
Hi brothers and sisters,

Life for my wife and I has always seemed to be going through one trial after another. And as the years have passed, we are starting to really find joy in each situation.

Last year we purchased a used 2014 Jetta Hybrid to try and help with a 2 hour commute each day, 5 days a week. A month ago we took our car to get serviced due to trouble with the vehicle not transferring into hybrid mode and causing the car to severely jerk. After the third week without our car, my wife and I realized that God was doing a greater work in us and we started finding joy in our situation.

Although we were paying on a vehicle that we didn't have and triple for gas with the loaner VW allowed us to use, there was peace knowing that God had everything under control. Yesterday we got our car back from VW. The bill should have been a little more than $11K (because they had to completely replace the gearbox inside the transmission and after that didn't work, the entire transmission) but it was completely covered, including labor.

In addition to that roller coaster of an experience, my wife's sister had a baby. (At 43 years old and given her past with moderate to severe depression, terrible men in her life, and the fact that she did not want a child and never planned for one.) This news was brought with happiness and joy. But it was also met with another example of someone that didn't want children and was able to have one.

A little less than two weeks ago, my wife and I were recently told that we would not be able to start a family of our own. Endometriosis would be the cause. We both kind of knew that this condition may not allow us to have kids. But to officially hear that there will be no way to do it on our own, the news was met with great sadness and a deep emptiness.

As we have been talking through everything that has happened in the last month, our relationship has grown. We are in this together. God is either carrying us or walking side by side with us. We may never have a family of our own, but we may be able to adopt or foster and give someone in greater need, two good people that will see the joy in them and give them all that God's love has to offer.

Some roller coasters bring unforeseen loops, twists, and turns. Finding joy in every situation may be difficult but look at who we serve; a loving Father. His timing is perfect.
Hi  Pastor Elizabeth...  Thank you for responding... and happy it brought you inspiration in Jesus...   

Jesus thirsted in the world He came to save. His thirst was not to save or bring Him temporary physical pleasure.  Normally, human thirst is to self-satisfy the need of his, or her, physical body. Man’s thirst is usually for himself; however, the Christian perspective of a man is his thirst for righteousness in the world of his passions, relationships and actions for bringing others to Jesus. This is the thirst Jesus had in the world and the thirst He expressed in John chapter 19:28; where Jesus said

“I thirst”. 

This is moments before Jesus would bow His head to the world and surrender up His spirit.   This is one of Jesus’ final sayings before He died on the cross; that is… “I thirst.”

In His thirst, Jesus knew He had done all that was necessary for the completion of His mission work in the world; a work that, when completed, would make possible the ‘taking away’ of our sin against the Lord. Jesus knew His work well and He knew His work was done. Thirst seemed to signify that Jesus knew His work well and that He knew it was done.  He also knew that His thirst, as well as all His life, was in fulfillment of the Bible. Psalm 69.21 says…

   “They gave me vinegar for my drink.”

Psalm 69 was a Psalm of David.  Though David was speaking to his own set of circumstances, he knew that Psalm 69 (particularly hear verse 21), was prophecy for Jesus’ present experience on the cross as the soldiers gave Him sour wine vinegar to drink. David prophetically knew that God’s King would come through the Davidic lineage, guided by the Holy Spirit, in the Person of God Son ‘Jesus’; to give life for the salvation of the world.

So, Jesus knew His work well, He knew it was done, and He knew it was in fulfillment of Scripture.   All that was left for Jesus to do now was to bow His head to the world and voluntarily surrender up Himself to the world He had come to save. On the other side, Jesus never gave His life, His mission, His work or spirit to Satan. Jesus did not surrender anything to Satan; however, Jesus did defeat and overcome Satan. 

This leads to our own present lives and examples in our time in our world. The Holy Spirit calls you and me to put aside the world and live as Jesus lives. This is thirsting for Jesus.   Jesus’ thirsts must become our thirsts. What do you think of your life so far?  What do you think you have done in the world, up to this point in your life?  Do you know your good work; have you done it well? Do you thirst for righteousness; or do you thirst for the passions of your own desires? 

Mostly likely, today’s Christian will not have to suffer a cross; however, we are called and expected, as a Christian, to allow our sins and self to be crucified on the cross. Our repentance is the response to Jesus’ cross. We are forgiven, healed and empowered by His life.  His Spirit further imparts (goes inward to the heart) where the sinful nature brews, and when the Spirit of the Lord goes inward to our hearts; a further work where the Holy Spirit purifies the sin nature. This is God’s plan for you. This is the thirst every Christian desires. Perhaps, this is not your thirst.  In this event, the Lord is waiting for your move toward His love.  Will you thirst for Him?           
Star Village Square (General Discussion) / Re: anybody here?
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Hey all, started physical therapy today and man it is hard when you have a torn rotator cuff again.  I can barely move right at this time.  I am praying I can find someone who can help me fix the site as the places I have gone they want $300 or better to restore it as it once was.
A beautiful sermon on compassion.  Thank you, it touched my heart immensely!
Compassion at the Cross..

Pain and discomfort makes us less compassionate. We are angry at those who bring difficulty our way. It is virtually impossible for a man to think of others when he ‘himself’ suffers so much.  But, suppose, in our suffering, depression or trouble we saw one of our own family members, or maybe one of our children, cry out in their trouble.  Suddenly, that family member causes us to look beyond our own suffering to that family member, son or daughter whom we love. Men may look beyond their  pain to that spouse or child they love so much.

When Jesus was on the cross dying, they put nails through him, took his clothes off and said He was just a man claiming to be God’s choice to the world.  The nation of Israel, was in fact, looking for God’s choice and Savior to the world, but they couldn’t accept Jesus as that choice; due to His inability to come down from the cross.  But God’s plan for you and I to be forgiven of sins and a right path to God was the plan of God through Jesus voluntarily laying down His life for His friends.

A man may care for his family as he lay dying; however, only Jesus could make the provision of life to His family through His death.   In John 19.25-27, Jesus was on the cross dying as He suddenly looked through His pain, down from the cross, and made provision for His mother. He put her into the care of one of His disciples.  He trusted this one disciple to care for His mother. This was caring for your blood line while you were dying. However, there were other people at the cross; many who loved Jesus. But, these followers of Jesus knew Jesus to be the Son of God voluntarily laying down His life for His friends.  The provision Jesus was making for His mother by putting her into the care of His disciple was, and is, symbolical of the provision of life and relationship to God possible. Through His pain, He saw our need. It is for followers at the cross even today. Through His pain, Jesus provides a life of forgiveness and eternal care. This is one you won’t want to miss for the world. Jesus says, “I will care for you; I have a compassion for the lost.” 

John 19.25-27 

25 Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother, his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. 26 When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to his mother, “Dear woman, here is your son,” 27 and to the disciple, “Here is your mother.” From that time on, this disciple took her into his home   

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