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I wish you were more local as in Georgia because we could meet and put our heads together and work putting this together so that God is exalted and SVCM could begin to grow and truly be the ministry Brother Dennis and I have desired for it.  It is my heart to see this ministry grow and develop into Churches and teaching programs nationally so that God's True Word is preached and taught.
I have for the past several years, have wanted to begin a physical bible college of sorts, but not knowing the laws that govern such, does not help me any ... let alone finances, which obviously I don't have.  If I were able to, I would like to take the courses available here, & teach them in a real setting.  In a very real sense, Star Christian Ministries would at least have a physical presence about itself.  Another option I have considered, is to do Youtube videos ... which I can do from home, but as with anything, it takes time to produce, film, edit, etc. ... same as a music video.  I currently have 2 of them on Youtube, and they lack professionalism ... and it shows!  I like the idea of this ministries presence on FB, but Bro. Harry should not have to do "everything" in running this ministry online.  I say that, and yet I have to keep up my own music ministry online ... my website, FB, Twitter, & Instagram accounts ... all kept up to date by me.

I have a strong hidden desire/passion ... call it what you will ... to teach Gods Word ... and that apart from my music ministry.  It would be nice to see a satellite ministry established that works the curriculum(s) of this ministry, but how to get there is an issue in itself.  Those who have posted suggestions, ideas, thoughts on how to improve this ministry ... all have merit, & are indeed most noble.  But it takes someone with time ... and I would venture to say that most here probably don't have it, albeit, I may stand corrected on that.  I have "some" ... but it is limited.  Still, to Bro. Harry, if you see this, ... I'm here for you.  If I can assist in some small way, send me a pm, email, text, ... I'm not hard to find.  Blessings!
Pastor Gerald,
Thank you for posting, yet again, a wonderful sermon! 
Getting to the Close Place

There is no closer place to be to Jesus than to be where He is dwelling.  Very few ever find this ‘close place’ to Jesus. The close place to Jesus requires our intense seeking for Him; which very few ever do. Following after Jesus takes us from where we are to the close place where Jesus dwells. It’s hard to leave our comfort and familiar places for the close place to Jesus; however, this is exactly the nature of the Christine life.

The days Jesus began to appear along the River Jordan were the initiation of His calling men to Himself.  John the Baptist was there and his purpose was to get the eyes of the world off himself and upon Jesus Christ. John would live his purpose, and then he would fade from the scene.  Jesus would take believers on a three year journey, transform their lives and send them out upon a new world mission.  This is the Christian life. Those who followed Jesus no longer live to themselves; they would live, in the flow of Jesus, to take on world mission.

Any follower will run to Jesus, if they run for their own space and distance; however, the follower who will follow to the nature of Jesus Christ is the follower who is truly Christian. Getting close to Jesus is discovering who, and what, He is.  Time spent with Jesus is time getting to know the nature of Jesus. 

When men followed Jesus, while he was in the flesh, Jesus took them to His dwelling where they could discover Him personally. Naturally, these went out and won their world to Jesus. False Christianity, today, produces nothing of the sort.

Getting close to the place of God is to get close through Jesus Christ.  Here, those who seek Him, seek to the mission of the world. An artist once crafted a picture of mission and evangelism.  He began by drawing a storm tossed ship breaking up against rocks along an ocean coast. One sailor, struggling to survive, clung to one of those rocks; with the stormy waves crashing around him.  To the artist, this was a picture of a lost sinner holding onto Jesus to find salvation.  However, the artist had to rethink his concept of Christian salvation. The artist started over. He drew the same storm tossed ship breaking up against the rocks with the stormy waves crashing around him.  He also drew the same sailor clinging to one of those rocks to be saved from certain death. However, the artist redrew the sailor. This time the sailor was holding onto a rock, as before; but was reaching out with the other hand to pull another sailor to safety.  This is Christianity. This is ‘getting to the close place.’ 

If we get to the Christian place, we must not allow our experience to be ‘couch Christianity’; which is no Christianity at all.  ‘Couch’ lives to him or herself without any regards to Church, tithes and mission. Couch is no Christianity at all.  The first disciples went to the close place, discovered the Christ’ place and, then, went to the called place; called to be missional.  Getting to the close place is a joy, but only when the seeker truly seeks. What a joy to get to the close place.  John 1.35-42
Star Village Square (General Discussion) / HELP WITH WEBSITE
« Last post by Bishop Harry on January 03, 2019, 21:33:23 »
Attention Members

Our ministry website was hacked and the person or persons messed us up bad, I need anyone with Website knowledge to help repair the damage as I can't make heads or tails out of what they did and if I can't get help with this I will have to pay GoDaddy a large chunk to make the repairs.  Please help
Star Village Chapel: Sharing Sermons and Christian Notes / Who Are We ?
« Last post by PastorGerald on December 29, 2018, 18:40:18 »
Who Are We? 

What qualifies us for the Lord in the world?  Without the hand of God upon us, we are frail and insignificant.  There is very little we can do. We can stand for ourselves and live a somewhat lower purpose. The highest goal of the Christian life is to take what God has put in us, use it for the sake of others and make a difference in the place where the Lord has placed us.

We should want to make more out of our Christian lives than just calling ourselves ‘Christian.’  Inside our souls, are gifts of God; gifts God has given to us. These are things which our personal nature does naturally well. Though gifts of God, in our souls, are naturally good, they are also tainted with the darkness of the fallen garden. Thus, the Holy Spirit awakens and empowers these gifts for greater service in the world. 

The Jewish leaders came out to the River Jordan to questioned John the Baptist about who he was and what he thought he was doing. They wanted to know if John the Baptist thought he was Christ, Elijah or the Prophet.  Though the Baptist could have taken the opportunity to make greater claims about who he was, he took no opportunity to do so.  When the Jewish leaders pressed him for who is thought he was, the Baptist declared that he was ‘a voice calling out in the desert’. His call to his world was to get people ready for Jesus; whom was yet to be revealed. The desert is a dry place, and it demands God’s quenching voice through us to the dry world around us. The last interrogative question pertained to why John the Baptist was baptizing if he wasn’t anybody significant.  John answered.. “I am pointing people to Jesus”. 

Now, we may ask about ourselves “Who are we”.  If we are Christian, are we couching believers; which is not belief at all?  Or, are we a simple voice calling our world back to the Lord. To have this mission desire, demands a high level of self denial.  It means that, though we are a voice for God, we are not our God; for only Jesus Christ is God; thus our creating King over our lives. We are stepping down from our greatness so that God can truly awaken the gifted mission lying in our souls. If God can only awaken us to our true Christian mission, the Spirit of the Lord would awaken, empower and place us a long side our own Rivers of Jordan. It is there where we may find who we are. Go in the Spirit of Jesus and point people to God, but if you do, do so out of the stirring of God in your own soul.  Gospel of John 1.19-28

Star Village Square (General Discussion) / Website
« Last post by Bishop Harry on December 24, 2018, 14:49:44 »
Star Vision Ministries website has been hacked for the second time and I need help restoring the full site to how it was before.  Anyone who is website savvy who can help restore our site please email me ASAP.  Only sincere, honest people please as I have been fooled once already by someone and I am not sure what they have done.  Please if you can help email me.
Star Village Square (General Discussion) / Re: Prayer
« Last post by Bishop Harry on December 24, 2018, 14:43:07 »

I know where you are coming from as I am married to my second wife of 18 years now after my first wife was unfaithful to me so I can understand your frustration.  At the time of our divorce she told the judge that when our then 6-year-old son reaches 13 he comes to live with me or he goes to a home because she won't raise a teenager, so I received full custody, when he passed at age 13 due to allergy to medication she didn't even attend his funeral.
Star Village Chapel: Sharing Sermons and Christian Notes / Seeking
« Last post by PastorGerald on December 22, 2018, 16:17:35 »


One’s own personal journey to the Lord may seem too demanding or difficult.  The magi traveled a year and half to find Jesus; who was nearing the toddler age by now. It was a long trip and was surly a tiring trip. The important thing is to seek Jesus. The purpose of our seeking Jesus is because He is King. We must seek Him as King; or we never find Him.

Seeking Jesus, in the first place, is compelled by God. One may think he is seeking, but the same one could be seeking out of his natural tendencies.  Pure and honest seeking, seeking that truly finds Jesus, is seeking compelled by God. Seeking Jesus is naturally built within us; however, the natural built seeker never fully allows King Jesus to be King of his or her life.   To fully have King Jesus as King, God must compel the seeker; as He does for who so ever will.     

The star compelled the magi to seek. Initially, the magi had pre knowledge of a coming king of Israel; a king who would be born. They learned this from the generations of Jews before their time. Now, they saw the miraculous star. It compelled them to leave home, keep their eyes on the star and travel a year and half to attend the worship of the new born King.

One may seek and find the Lord in a moment; however, he does so by the power and call of God; a call to all men. Seeking and salvation puts one on a course for life; a course which is often difficult. What if God were actually the power to our seeking? Should this be, the seeker would truly find the King Jesus. 

The magi went the long journey compelled by God. They seemed to have lost sight of the star by the city lights of Jerusalem.  Perhaps the lord God took the star away for a moment; which resulted in the magi entering Jerusalem; rather than Bethlehem… where the King Jesus was lying.   Perhaps the Lord wanted to stir up the city of Jerusalem; including the church and her leaders who seemed to be sleeping concerning King Jesus.  Perhaps the Lord intended to compel the magi further by the Scriptures which told of the birth of the King Jesus in Bethlehem; over a year and a half ago.

The magi now become persevering seekers who find King Jesus. They left Jerusalem and headed south to Bethlehem; as the Scriptures instructed. This nature of seeker God compels in us. It takes us the journey and empowers us to do the right things. This type of seeking finds King Jesus. The star directed the magi to the new born King Jesus. The magi bowed in worshipped; then they gave their gifts to King Jesus.  What an amazing event!!  Would you seek King Jesus with me?     Matthew 2.1-12
Star Village Square (General Discussion) / Re: Prayer
« Last post by Rev. D on December 18, 2018, 16:03:08 »
Thank you Bishop Harry. It just seems so difficult. I have to get my ministerial papers back, which right now seem impossible, and then get back into the groove of things. But God-willing it will happen eventually.
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