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: Desert Roads... Acts 8.26-40
: PastorGerald July 21, 2018, 11:58:46
Taking the Desert Road … Acts 8.26-40

Phillip’s first movement was compelled by Stephen’s death; which took him to fertile ripe ground for harvesting a crop for Jesus. The Samaritans were very receptive, even with the complication of Simon. One can easily see how difficult it might be to leave a thriving ministry in Samaria for the desert road to another country.  The sudden call of the angel to Phillip must have been just as strong as the call, by the Holy Spirit, for him to leave Samaria. The exit out of Jerusalem was difficult because Stephen had just been stoned; and Stephen was his good friend.  Just as challenging, the Holy Spirit was now calling Phillip to leave the great harvest of Samaria for the lonely desert road to Gaze. What purpose would God have in this? So, leaving Jerusalem at Stephen’s stoning was a ‘compelled necessity.’  We would think that Phillip could just remain in Samaria with the great time he was having there; however, when the Lord calls, the Lord calls. Phillip, (and even you and I), must hear, answer and comply with the calls of God placed upon the heart.

We cannot expect all roads to be joyful. The road out of Jerusalem, upon Stephen’s stoning, might be just as difficult as the road in the desert; which the Lord’s angel was now calling Phillip to.  But, each road must be traveled; for each road has the purpose of God in it. Sometimes, we create our own tuff roads to travel; however, even those roads can turn to God’s purpose if we, in fact, do turn back to God. We must be careful not to blame the Lord for our hard roads; for He has not caused them; however, He may heal us from their pains. God takes us down many roads for His cause, but we take ourselves down many hard roads for our selfish causes. When we realize our selfish roads, and turn to Jesus Christ, the road, though it is desert and strange, is the road of joyful service to the Lord.  These roads always serve the purpose of the Lord when we become instrumental in bringing others back to the Lord. 

When we are obedient to any road the Lord calls us down to or through, we can rise in confidence that the purpose had been for God and to His glory.  The moment we get our eyes off God’s purpose to that of worrying about our own loss, is the moment we loose focus, vision and purpose in our lives lived for God. The evangelist Phillip found the seeking Eunuch, and he led him to the Lord. What a joy when Phillip had in recognizing the road changes in his life for Christ. The Eunuch came up out of the water of baptism and saw that Phillip had disappeared. The Eunuch has his new responsibility of working out his own roads for Christ. The new follower of Jesus must take his changed life back to Africa and evangelize his own world.  He too, will have some difficult roads to travel; however, he can travel in confidence knowing that God has a purpose and that all will be well.