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: New King ... John 12.12-19
: PastorGerald March 24, 2018, 14:50:37
Coming New King… John 12.12-19

I want no hesitation in accepting Jesus as the only One who comes and makes His home in me.  It is easy to say ‘Jesus is Lord’, but quite another to act as if ‘Jesus is Lord’ truly in my practical life. If I confess Him, how do I Live Him?  When Jesus appeared in the world, He was the most powerful Man coming near men. His appearance was not only powerful and proving; it penetrated the hearts of sincere followers. Many followed for a time, but many also left for their interests in the world. Those Jesus’ is powerful indeed; He does not force His power upon my heart. However, the powerful sacrifice and love over flows my heart and soul to the point of willfully surrendering to Him. Why would I resist such a powerful love; especially because His love is the full expression and Person of God in my world?

As Jesus’ appearance moves close to me, all that I have or possess must melt in His presence. Whatever I am doing, let me leave so that I may attain to Him. The crowd said “Hosanna” which means salvation and declaration from and of Jesus in my life. I would not wish to be wayward, as some theologies, about the very Person of God being Jesus Christ; the Two are of the same essence. Jesus is Lord. “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord” must be my complete surrender and will of the Lord in my life, that I would cross any mountain or valley to get to Him.  Failure can have no room. I must see Jesus as Lord God. I want to see as much as the healed blind man (John 9).  And if Jesus comes, and He is, I desire that He set up, not only His Kingship in my heart and life, but His Kingdom life too. I want to live that which He is within me.

Therefore, the Jesus within comes into the city of my heart in the same manner as He came into the city of Jerusalem.  Many saw the signs and claims of Jesus in those short three or four years. Many saw the dead man ‘Lazarus’ come alive when Jesus called Him.  They were so convinced, they spread the event as a streaming evangelist. Others came with Jesus from Galilee as He neared the descent. Still many, in Jerusalem for the Passover Feast, left to witness Jesus. Still, the common Jews in Jerusalem came out to witness along side the others.
Last, not least, the inner circle of Jesus’ disciples and the family of Lazarus; whom He recently raised to life. The crowds of people praised Jesus as He descended into the city of Jerusalem. His mission was on donkey; meaning a mission to bring me peace in the midst of peril, peace in the path I  walk and peace according to the promises of God for the world and myself.

With all this, I invite this King Jesus into the chambers of my heart; practically to any area of my life. This King is redemptive.  Come King Jesus!!!