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: Branches 'Dead or Alive' ...John 15.1-17
: PastorGerald March 03, 2018, 10:17:09
Wanted Branches… Dead or Alive  John 15:1-17
Jesus speaks to his chosen about staying connected to Him; as He is connected to the heavenly Father. This connection is necessary because it will enable them to bring others into the connection of man to God.

The Gardner, who is the Father, takes the Vine ‘Jesus’ and cuts away worthless branches; while He ‘the Father’ prunes the healthy branches for the enablement to grow and produce; production of new followers of Jesus Christ.

The Father and the Son have this inner connected relationship; with that same relationship developing in the life of the disciples to Jesus. So, the Gardener (Father) has inner relationship with the Vine (Jesus) who then extends to the branches (disciples) who are being cut and pruned to enable new fruit (new disciples to Jesus). Since there is a connection relationship, there is also a disconnection relationship; one is which the branch on the Vine is worthless (Father as the Gardener, Jesus the Vine and Christians as the branches). The desire of the Father who is the Gardner is that branches produce fruit (fruit being new followers of Jesus). If the branch is not connected to the Vine by being a part of bringing others to Jesus, then that branch is worthless. The result is that that worthless branch is cut away, picked up and thrown into the fire; while the character of the healthy branch experiences 1) answers to prayers and 2) brings glory to God for the good work.

Healthy branches will demonstrate all that they do through the love which comes from the Father through the Son to the individual branches; also the body of Christ (Church).  Joy is the fulfillment of the branch who obeys to the love of the Father. The demonstration of this love, coming from the Father through the Son to the branches, is love that lays down life for the branches (friends) already in compliance with the Father; who works to produce other fruit upon the branches.
This high call of the branches is the call of Jesus upon His disciples. These are especially called and appointed to seek out others who will honestly come to the heavenly Father. The Father’s love flowing through lasting fruit, fruit the product of the branches, experiences answers to prayers as they glorify the Father.               
: Re: Branches 'Dead or Alive' ...John 15.1-17
: Chaplain Elizabeth March 04, 2018, 22:08:25
I very much enjoyed reading that. 
Thank you for sharing it.
Have a wonderful week.
: Re: Branches 'Dead or Alive' ...John 15.1-17
: PastorGerald March 05, 2018, 21:49:19
Hi Elizabeth... Happy it was an inspiration to you.  It sure is a powerful thought provoking passage.   Blessings...  jerry Casselman