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« on: December 31, 2014, 11:16:20 »
Just wonder if the reason the  church suffers physical illnesses and pray for healings that seem unanswered is MAYBE because we claim to have faith but all we really have is an I hope God will do it instead of I know He will....In my own walk in the faith I have battled in my heart the issues of why some are healed of the flu but others die of cancer or things of that sort. Then one day in prayer I felt impressed with this thought. Some say I will believe it when I see it, but God type faith says I will see it if I believe it. I hope that makes sense the way it does to me. The word declares His word will not return void, but that is only those things spoken with real faith and not doubt or fear. I to struggle at times because sometimes fear which is the opposite of faith is operating not faith. I think of the story of Peter so often when he stepped out of the boat ONTO the that was faith.....but as we all do he saw the water and waves at his feet{circumstances} and his eyes or his focus got on his surroundings and off of the LORD  and he sunk,,, Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever...Sometimes there are those who think that got it all figured out well the next time they think they are  perfect try walking on water. Always remember hope does emply an expectation, but it is not faith. Faith means though I believe it will come to pass what I ask, I STILL have faith when it seemingly does not. THINGS will happen when the fullness of time comes and that means when it's God's timing for His purpose and His glory.  May God's peace reign in your lives and may you find the peace that passes all human understanding. BLESSINGS

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Question, why is it that only a limited number of Christians get healed by faith (maybe less than 5%)  or maybe a better question is why we even get sick?

I don't believe there is any easy answer, but do believe we the Church have limited success in healing because we don't have some things right:
        a) weak faith...yes God can and will heal but probity not for me, doubt
        b) go to the church and have elders anoint you  with oil is hard when when some churches don't anoint with oil or have elders
        c) taking communion not fully believing " by His strips we were healed"
        d) taking communion unworthily
        e) not believing God heals any more.. miracles are a thing of the past

     And hundreds more ...

lets open a dialog about faith healing and reasons most don't get healed.

"for who so ever calls on my name (Jesus)....."