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Live to God's Glory
« on: October 12, 2019, 11:06:22 »
Live to God’s Glory    … Genesis 11.1-9 

God has called His people to be actively caring for His world; the world He made for us.  Too often, we operate in ways that glory ourselves; rather than a glory to God. God calls us to be about His business of building and caring for His world; thus, bringing Him all the glory.   

In ‘The Tower of Babel’  (Genesis 11.1-9), the descendents of Noah, who had previously come off the ark and a flooded world, went out from the ark (Mt Ararat ) to what is present day Iraq where they decided to build a name for themselves by building a city and tower to reach the Lord God.  Again, man sought to be equal to the Lord God.  The Lord instructed the people to spread out over the world to build and populate the earth. They chose to settle and build for themselves.
As the Lord took notice of them that day, He takes notice of our actions and works today. Actions and works are very good; even prosperous to those around us; however, we must be sure that God has ordained what we do.  Who knows, God may have others plans for us. In this, we must seek to do the Lord’s willful plans; not catering to our selfish ways.

So, the Lord took notice. Then, He devised His plan of creating multiple languages. Now, people had trouble communicating. This put an end to building.  This caused people to move out and spread over the world; which was the Lord’s original plans.

We must want the Lord’s willful plans in our lives.  We should guard against doing things that are not initially or presently in His plans. Finding and doing things God’s ways may be presently awkward; however, following the Lord in all matters brings the sense of His fulfillment in our lives. God’s wants to get mighty things done through us.       

Our perfect example is Jesus Himself. He leaped off the throne of heaven, born a babe out of mother’s womb, was laid in a manger, grew as a child, baptized in the River Jordan, went out and fought the powers of hell in the desert temptations, walked His world for over three more years (suffering sorrow and tears), was nailed to His cross and finally, after laid in the tomb, was raised to glory. All for you and me!!!

Can we see how Jesus put off Himself for the greater work of winning a world?   The Bible is filled with people who followed the plans of the Lord. The Bible also reveals many who did not follow the plans of the Lord. If we look in our present time in the world, we will find these great people of God who live for God, and not for themselves. The people building their city and tower (Genesis 11.1-9), though it may be honorable, were not building to please and follow the Lord’s plans.  Live in our world as the Lord’s directs. Live to God’s Glory. 

Pastor Gerald Casselman