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Damascus Road .. Acts 9.10-19
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DAMASCUS ROAD … Acts 9.10-19

Should the Lord call anyone to such a task, he would want to be worthy and ready of such a task. The call of Christ is as big a thing as the difference one can make in the life of someone without hope or in deception. Though a person may be thinking to follow God, that same person may be opposing Jesus Christ. The reality of this mistake is the purpose of Christ’s calling upon you and me. Be careful how you handle the wayward man; lest you push him further away.  Jesus Christ is the revelation of light upon a man, and He is employing that light right now in the darkness of the world; a darkness that sinks into the soul of men. Lest, God calls, the world may perish. Lest the Christian world answer to such a high calling of Jesus Christ, darkness will remain the greater fact.

One who is faced with his mistakes is one who may be yet waiting for the Christian man or woman to intercede.  Believers are intimate and in tune with the Lord. These are those who will go faithfully into the lives of men and women with the great good news of Jesus Christ.  Christians are people who are ready to go to their world for Jesus when and where the Lord ‘Himself’ calls them to.   

Let us go without reserve to a world waiting in darkness. The light of God is Jesus Christ, and that light penetrates even the most remote darkest of places.  And those who go will go with no regards to their convenience. The Lord has already ripened the fields. These will go because the Lord calls. These will go even when the road looks worthless. These will go at the very cost of pleasure. These are they who will go.

He who waits in the reality of his dark mistakes is he who is seeking.  He is overcome with the reality of his darkness.  A genuine seeker will wait for God to restore him. He may sit in the agony for days; however, he will not act until God has met the timing. He, who seeks, knows that today is the day of salvation. He knows that another day should not be wasted.  He waits for God’s man upon His door, and when that intercession comes, the light and healing are bent on coming. Praise the Lord for coming.  When the Lord calls, we are ready to intercede. When light comes, we are awakened, refreshed and healed.   

Pastor Gerald Casselman