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Wonders of God Through the Spirit
« on: June 08, 2019, 18:18:22 »
Wonders of God Through the Spirit … Acts 2.1-12
The continued presence of the Holy Spirit is still my high in ministry. I must have Him for the equipping of my heart in ministry. I need Him for preaching as I do for everyday practical living.
Only let me be in unity with what God is doing in His world. May I find the unifying assembly of believers, and may we find together the fresh anointment of the Holy Spirit for life’s service and work of mission throughout the world; beginning with my home.
Fill me, Lord Jesus, with your Holy Spirit. Let me wait in silence until You come. Cleanse my heart as You fill me with Your Spirit. Send me out into Your creation equipped and enabled to communicate the Wonders of God. Let my message be those Wonders of God as they pertain to Jesus Christ and Him crucified, resurrected and now reigning through the Spirit through the heart of every believer.
May our mission in tomorrow’s assembly realize the mission of Jesus Christ, not only to our home, but to the reality of its effectiveness to the whole world!
There was much confusion on this Day of Pentecost; which we emphasize tomorrow. It was a strange thing for ordinary people to communicate to the world about Jesus. Ministry is sometimes very difficult. We should want the Lord to fill and equip us for the ability to express the wonders of God about Jesus to the world before us.
Come Lord and teach us that it is not about the ability / empowerment to speak in a different tongue, but teach us that the Christian must have the Pentecostal experience as it pertains to the experience of a change heart and life. Teach us, Jesus, that changed hearts and lives is the lived out practical filling of the Holy Spirit as we witness Jesus to our world around us.
Where there is anger, still the anger. Where there has been unfaithfulness in relationships, let there be forgiveness and the Spirit’s help for healing. Let the faithful continue faithful; let the unfaithful become faithful. Where we lack the effectiveness of Christ in the world, empower us for greater Spirit filled hearts for the mission in the world. Where we are unwilling, counsel us, Holy Spirit, to be willing to live Christian witness. Let us read our Bible, pray and attend the Spirit-filled Church. Stop us from excuses by Your Spirit. We rise up to win our world for Jesus by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in our changed hearts and lives.

Pastor Gerald Casselman