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Thirsty Christian...
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Jesus thirsted in the world He came to save. His thirst was not to save or bring Him temporary physical pleasure.  Normally, human thirst is to self-satisfy the need of his, or her, physical body. Man’s thirst is usually for himself; however, the Christian perspective of a man is his thirst for righteousness in the world of his passions, relationships and actions for bringing others to Jesus. This is the thirst Jesus had in the world and the thirst He expressed in John chapter 19:28; where Jesus said

“I thirst”. 

This is moments before Jesus would bow His head to the world and surrender up His spirit.   This is one of Jesus’ final sayings before He died on the cross; that is… “I thirst.”

In His thirst, Jesus knew He had done all that was necessary for the completion of His mission work in the world; a work that, when completed, would make possible the ‘taking away’ of our sin against the Lord. Jesus knew His work well and He knew His work was done. Thirst seemed to signify that Jesus knew His work well and that He knew it was done.  He also knew that His thirst, as well as all His life, was in fulfillment of the Bible. Psalm 69.21 says…

   “They gave me vinegar for my drink.”

Psalm 69 was a Psalm of David.  Though David was speaking to his own set of circumstances, he knew that Psalm 69 (particularly hear verse 21), was prophecy for Jesus’ present experience on the cross as the soldiers gave Him sour wine vinegar to drink. David prophetically knew that God’s King would come through the Davidic lineage, guided by the Holy Spirit, in the Person of God Son ‘Jesus’; to give life for the salvation of the world.

So, Jesus knew His work well, He knew it was done, and He knew it was in fulfillment of Scripture.   All that was left for Jesus to do now was to bow His head to the world and voluntarily surrender up Himself to the world He had come to save. On the other side, Jesus never gave His life, His mission, His work or spirit to Satan. Jesus did not surrender anything to Satan; however, Jesus did defeat and overcome Satan. 

This leads to our own present lives and examples in our time in our world. The Holy Spirit calls you and me to put aside the world and live as Jesus lives. This is thirsting for Jesus.   Jesus’ thirsts must become our thirsts. What do you think of your life so far?  What do you think you have done in the world, up to this point in your life?  Do you know your good work; have you done it well? Do you thirst for righteousness; or do you thirst for the passions of your own desires? 

Mostly likely, today’s Christian will not have to suffer a cross; however, we are called and expected, as a Christian, to allow our sins and self to be crucified on the cross. Our repentance is the response to Jesus’ cross. We are forgiven, healed and empowered by His life.  His Spirit further imparts (goes inward to the heart) where the sinful nature brews, and when the Spirit of the Lord goes inward to our hearts; a further work where the Holy Spirit purifies the sin nature. This is God’s plan for you. This is the thirst every Christian desires. Perhaps, this is not your thirst.  In this event, the Lord is waiting for your move toward His love.  Will you thirst for Him?           
Pastor Gerald Casselman