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When Living Meets Losing
« on: February 09, 2019, 19:09:43 »
When Living Meets Loosing

I see God’s people in this great big arena; having one opening chance for full life’s living.  God has sent one person, out of many, to come to that opening to catch the attention of all the people of God in that arena. It was good to be one of God’s people in that arena; however, God is now bringing His fullness of life to the door of that arena. It is important for God’s people to keep their eyes on the door; for God’s sent Person appears at any moment. When the Person appears, God’s  people had better have their eyes focused for Him at the door; focus is imperative. The voice of the Person speaks, and another necessity develops; which is hearing.  Now, God’s people in the large arena must not only see, they must hear. Hearing is imperative; for the voice is the true voice of God speaking through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Person of God appearing at the door of the large arena where all God’s people live.

Meanwhile, there are impostors of God attempting to climb the wall of the arena; gaining entrance into the arena of God’s people in an attempt to steal, kill and destroy. These impostors come in and abort babies out of believers’ wombs and abort truth out of truth. They take life away from God’s people. They take true doctrine and desire for the things of God away.  They’ve already managed to take life away from the world. The arena of God’s people depend upon this Person of God ‘Jesus Christ’ to visually see and hear Him coming to the door of the arena.  While the impostors try to climb over walls, the true Person of God appears at the door of the arena. Do you see Him? Can you keep your focus? Do you hear Him? 

If you know whom to run from and who to run to, you will know to run to Jesus Christ. Some times, people have false ideas that rob the truth from the truth. Many want to make true, in their minds, what is not really true.  There are things they must run from; fiercely away from impostor thinking and persuasion. The only true One from God appears at the door. God’s people, who have been watching for Him, see, hear and follow Him.     

Now, if we see Jesus at this door, we will want to run to Him so that we may flow through Him.  Life is meeting the loosing. Those who run to Jesus Christ run or flow through Him as access to God. Here, God’s people, who have seen, have heard and have followed are those who go through the door ‘Jesus’ and out to a pasture of complete provision of life. This life, though lived in the physical, is understood and empowered out of the realm of the life of the Spirit.

God’s people may know this complete life in the Spirit where they see, hear and follow Jesus; to find its completion in abundant life.   Finally, we see what kind of Jesus we see and have followed; for we owe this great life of abundance to the Suffering Servant who lays down His life for His people.   Now, God’s people have their rightful Owner fighting off the impostors and standing in the way of anything that may assault the people of God.

The door represent life. At this door of this great arena, God’s Rightful Owner (Jesus Christ) of His people shows up to call and lead His people out to great provisions.  Loss is when we succumb to anything less than God’s truth.   Thus, we have ‘When Living Meets Loosing.’…  See John 10.1-14   
Pastor Gerald Casselman