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Who Are We ?
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Who Are We? 

What qualifies us for the Lord in the world?  Without the hand of God upon us, we are frail and insignificant.  There is very little we can do. We can stand for ourselves and live a somewhat lower purpose. The highest goal of the Christian life is to take what God has put in us, use it for the sake of others and make a difference in the place where the Lord has placed us.

We should want to make more out of our Christian lives than just calling ourselves ‘Christian.’  Inside our souls, are gifts of God; gifts God has given to us. These are things which our personal nature does naturally well. Though gifts of God, in our souls, are naturally good, they are also tainted with the darkness of the fallen garden. Thus, the Holy Spirit awakens and empowers these gifts for greater service in the world. 

The Jewish leaders came out to the River Jordan to questioned John the Baptist about who he was and what he thought he was doing. They wanted to know if John the Baptist thought he was Christ, Elijah or the Prophet.  Though the Baptist could have taken the opportunity to make greater claims about who he was, he took no opportunity to do so.  When the Jewish leaders pressed him for who is thought he was, the Baptist declared that he was ‘a voice calling out in the desert’. His call to his world was to get people ready for Jesus; whom was yet to be revealed. The desert is a dry place, and it demands God’s quenching voice through us to the dry world around us. The last interrogative question pertained to why John the Baptist was baptizing if he wasn’t anybody significant.  John answered.. “I am pointing people to Jesus”. 

Now, we may ask about ourselves “Who are we”.  If we are Christian, are we couching believers; which is not belief at all?  Or, are we a simple voice calling our world back to the Lord. To have this mission desire, demands a high level of self denial.  It means that, though we are a voice for God, we are not our God; for only Jesus Christ is God; thus our creating King over our lives. We are stepping down from our greatness so that God can truly awaken the gifted mission lying in our souls. If God can only awaken us to our true Christian mission, the Spirit of the Lord would awaken, empower and place us a long side our own Rivers of Jordan. It is there where we may find who we are. Go in the Spirit of Jesus and point people to God, but if you do, do so out of the stirring of God in your own soul.  Gospel of John 1.19-28

Pastor Gerald Casselman