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One’s own personal journey to the Lord may seem too demanding or difficult.  The magi traveled a year and half to find Jesus; who was nearing the toddler age by now. It was a long trip and was surly a tiring trip. The important thing is to seek Jesus. The purpose of our seeking Jesus is because He is King. We must seek Him as King; or we never find Him.

Seeking Jesus, in the first place, is compelled by God. One may think he is seeking, but the same one could be seeking out of his natural tendencies.  Pure and honest seeking, seeking that truly finds Jesus, is seeking compelled by God. Seeking Jesus is naturally built within us; however, the natural built seeker never fully allows King Jesus to be King of his or her life.   To fully have King Jesus as King, God must compel the seeker; as He does for who so ever will.     

The star compelled the magi to seek. Initially, the magi had pre knowledge of a coming king of Israel; a king who would be born. They learned this from the generations of Jews before their time. Now, they saw the miraculous star. It compelled them to leave home, keep their eyes on the star and travel a year and half to attend the worship of the new born King.

One may seek and find the Lord in a moment; however, he does so by the power and call of God; a call to all men. Seeking and salvation puts one on a course for life; a course which is often difficult. What if God were actually the power to our seeking? Should this be, the seeker would truly find the King Jesus. 

The magi went the long journey compelled by God. They seemed to have lost sight of the star by the city lights of Jerusalem.  Perhaps the lord God took the star away for a moment; which resulted in the magi entering Jerusalem; rather than Bethlehem… where the King Jesus was lying.   Perhaps the Lord wanted to stir up the city of Jerusalem; including the church and her leaders who seemed to be sleeping concerning King Jesus.  Perhaps the Lord intended to compel the magi further by the Scriptures which told of the birth of the King Jesus in Bethlehem; over a year and a half ago.

The magi now become persevering seekers who find King Jesus. They left Jerusalem and headed south to Bethlehem; as the Scriptures instructed. This nature of seeker God compels in us. It takes us the journey and empowers us to do the right things. This type of seeking finds King Jesus. The star directed the magi to the new born King Jesus. The magi bowed in worshipped; then they gave their gifts to King Jesus.  What an amazing event!!  Would you seek King Jesus with me?     Matthew 2.1-12
Pastor Gerald Casselman