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Being What You've Become
« on: December 15, 2018, 19:09:28 »
Being What You’ve Become / John 1.1-18
Christianity is personally living or being what Jesus has created that man or woman to be. Let us establish that Jesus Christ is God; always existed and always will be. Let us also establish that Jesus Christ has created all creation. We need to further establish that Jesus, being God-life and God-light, has come into the world; a world created by Jesus. As to the Trinitarian nature of the essence of God, we will discuss another day.
There were many witnesses to these truths before our times, and will always be after our times. What will our times say about how we lived our Christians lives?
This is a matter of being what we, claiming to be Christian, have become. Do we live what we say we are? Today, Jesus is still life giving light in the world; however, our times have produced a poor Christianity as much as any generation ever existed in the history of the world. Still, God wants to produce great people of God in our time. We know that through the Word ‘Jesus’ of God, that He created everything that is; however, there is darkness in creation too. Did Jesus ‘the Creating Word’ create darkness; since there is darkness in creation? We must admit that the Word of God ‘Jesus’ created a perfect creation, but admit, at the same time, that humanity proved unworthy of the light; thus allowing the creation to become dark. This influences you and me.
We learn in John 1.1-18, that the Word of God is the Life of God bringing the Light of God into an unworthy creation; a fallen creation. But, Jesus Christ still creates people for God in the midst of darkness. How does He do that, if we are so in dark? How may we become a Christian? Look at the three necessities to being what we become; if we confess we are Christian.
First, we must admit that the creation finds it difficult to recognize Jesus Christ as the Life giving Light of God; and that this Jesus is the expressive living God. It is difficult to admit that we struggle with the identity of Jesus Christ.
Secondly, we must admit that the creation finds it difficult to accept Jesus Christ as the Life giving Light of God. We have questions like 1) Am I experiencing God-Life and 2) Am I experiencing God-Light ? These are searching questions and should cause us to search the Lord for this truth; to see if the truth of God is really in us.
These necessities must be in our consideration. In truth, are we living what we say we’ve become. Are we honest enough to say that God’s life and light does not have all of me? Quite possibly, this may mean that my Christianity is not Christianity at all.
If so, look at the one last necessity to being the Christian Christ has called us to. This necessity is ….
There must be a power and strength to cut through our darkness. John 1.12 says that we must see and believe through the Light ‘Jesus’ to the Life ‘Jesus’ whom God sends into His created world. If so, John 1.12 also assures that we may gain the right to be the Child of God; that Jesus has dispelled our darkness with His light.
We have to ask how we may gain this right to be called God’s child. How may we truly be, in Jesus, all that we have become in Jesus? John 1.13 says that we must seek another birth; a birth from above, not of the world, but one of God. This takes the quilt and presence of sin away. This makes the Christian a new creation. This means new life through Jesus. Men may say, “you live in darkness.’ Walk away from the judgment of darkness, and if you do, be sure you are being in Christ all that you have become in Christ. The true light of God has come into the world. You do not live in darkness anymore. Rise above it, and walk as you are newly created.
Pastor Gerald Casselman