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Getting on Life Support
« on: November 10, 2018, 16:14:47 »
Life support usually means the end is near for one’s life, but in this case, God is promising a ‘life support’ which brings a man what he needs to live. God’s life support is man’s greatest need.
I have yet to experience the necessity of life support. I have yet to experience a family member on life support. I had just received a notice of a man who is being disconnected from life support. This usually leads to the end of life. God’s life support is just the opposite; for it is a life support that provides exactly what we need to survive. As long as God’s life support remains on a man, he will continuously live.
In our Bible passage 1 Kings 18.41-45,
People of God had become people of the world; therefore, a three year drought set in. Rebellion to God leads to life droughts. Life support is taken off, and someone begins to suffer. God spoke to His man of the hour of time. This man served and obeyed God, and God called him into the world to be a voice calling people back to the Lord God. This special man who obeyed God spoke the heart of God to the people of God. The awful drought of a rainless three years was seriously stumping the survival of people who once loved God. The problem now was that they loved God, but they also loved other gods; gods that did not move or live.
People were still torn between gods, but God was promising the people that it was going to rain so hard, that they would be knocked off their feet. The man of God gave the news that God was ending the drought of a rainless sky and land. This man of God told the leader of this rebellious people that rain was coming. The man of God told the leader to eat and drink in preparation of getting off the mountain and into his home below before the storm came; a storm the man of God could actually hear a hundred miles away.
Then, the man of God went up on the higher mountain, bowed down and put his head between his knees in prayer and worship before the living God. After looking into the sky over a great sea, there appeared a small cloud where the sea met the sky. It kept growing and growing. It was a coming sign of rain which came out of his hearing the sound of rain. Now, it was coming.
Another time, the man of God told the leader of this rebellious people to get in his wheels and get off the mountain. The rain began, and it was a rain above all rains. The man of God ran down the higher mountain and began to decline the lower mountain. God’s power came on the man of God, the man of God ran faster; so fast that he passed by the rebellious leader in his wheels. The man of God kept running. He came to the bottom of the mountain; while the rebellious leader in his wheels went into his house and explained his dilemma to his wife.
Now, the rebellious leader had to decide to get on God’s life support or not. He had just witnessed the power of God on the mountain. What will he do? What will you do? Each day goes by, and you seemingly miss the great wonders of God. Your world continues to rebel. God is looking for more men and women of God who will witness to a rebellious world of God’s great promise of ending the droughts of life. We need the power of God in our lives!! We need Jesus Christ who is the very Person of God who brings God’s promises to our lives of drought. Do you want in?
Pastor Gerald Casselman