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Ignition of Light
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Ignition of Light

It seems to me that religious persecution is naturally wrong; when it goes as far as to kill. Though Christianity must be kept true and pure, persecution seems harsh.  This may be the passive way. In defense of Saul’s attacks upon Christians, the Old Testament of the Bible reveals severe penalties, initiated By God, to those who would sin against God; whether outside or inside the nation of Israel; God’s people. Saul was operating out of his conviction that ‘members of the way’ (also called Christians) were blasphemous against God. For many Jews, Jesus was attempting to change or soften the laws of Moses, the Jewish customs and the temple of God.  Since Jesus was from God, and very much God, He ‘Jesus’ came to fulfill and not destroy.  Men like Saul thought Jesus and His followers were blasphemous against God, so they sought to persecute and kill the offenders. Again, it seems the punishment for blasphemous was too severe, but in light of the Old Testament, it was not too severe. 

But, suppose men, like Saul, were operating on their own closed convictions; minds that were closed to God’s movement in the world? Then, to kill or persecute those who could see what God was up to, would be to persecute God Himself. In this way those who sought to keep Israel purely of God, were, in fact, offending God themselves. The Old Testament Scriptures told of the coming of Jesus. What men like Saul, and most today, miss that Jesus was ‘to suffer’ before He would secure the victory of life; not just His life, but life for the Christian too.   

How does a man see through the darkness to what God is doing; especially what God is doing in Jesus in the world?   In Acts 9.1-9, Saul was going his way, bent on destroying Christians and to stamp out the faith they had in Jesus.  Going down the road, Jesus appeared to, spoke to and instructed Saul to go into the city and wait for further help.

The first ‘ignition’ out of darkness to what God is doing is the light which appeared at the coming of Saul on that road to Damascus (Acts 9.3).  This is an arrest of Saul by the universal God of the ages.  God must illuminate His appearance to the wayward man.

Secondly, the voice. The Lord speaks to the narrow minded Pharisee ‘Saul’ (Acts 9.4). We must hear the Lord speak to our hearts. Since the voice is not usually audible today, one must be very sensitive to God; thus, he not hear from God. The light, Saul’s falling to the ground and now ‘the voice’ were leading up to the next ignition of light to one’s darkness and mistakes.   Look next…

Thirdly, It is the ignition of identification. Saul asked “Who are you, Lord?”  Jesus identified Himself as the One whom Saul was persecuting. This was Saul’s awareness of the probability that he was fighting against God by persecuting Christians.    Every wayward non believer and believer gone astray needs a new or revelation of the voice of the resurrected Jesus Christ as they journey down the wrong road. The Christian ‘himself’ must have a day to day voice of the resurrected Jesus as they walk the mile of the day.  Without this identification, even the Christian slips back into a life of darkness and mistakes.  But notice the last ignition…

Fourthly, it is the ignition of one’s reality of the depth of darkness he or she had been living in.   The Lord gave Saul very specific instructions as what to do; 1) get up, 2) go into the city and 3) wait until you are told what to do (Act 9.6).   When Saul got up, he was blind. His companions, who only heard sound and saw nothing, lead him into the city where Saul sat three days without sight, food or water. This was a man who was facing the reality of his dark mistakes against God. He was beginning to see; though he was blind.

We all have dealt with our roads of darkness; things we must come to know have been against the Lord. Will we continue in them?  Will be keep avoiding truths?   The dark road is unfair, but it is reality. The light of Jesus Christ is more powerful. This light penetrates the darkness and brings truth into even the ounce of darkness we may have. Let the light of Jesus illuminate darkness!!  Acts 9.1-9
Pastor Gerald Casselman