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Seeker Sensitivity ... Acts 8.26-40
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To seek God is as simple as saying ‘yes’ to Him. Perhaps, the sinner’s journey becomes long and desert like because of the unwillingness to say “yes”; even though “yes” can be simple and quick. Long responses alwill make long journeys to salvation.

The African Eunuch traveled a very long trip to Jerusalem, but he did travel. It took forever to get where he must be; however, as he began his journey and traveled so far, he became, what we would call, “seeker sensitive.”  The Eunuch knew about the Lord God and His work through the Jewish race. This was historical. Lately, there was a commotion going on in Judea.  Though the African Eunuch was from another country, and could not get the latest news, the Lord God became compelling seekers around the world to come and learn of Jesus Christ.

The African Seeker comes to Jerusalem to worship. While there, picks of the book of Isaiah and begins reading from chapter 53 as his chariot began the long journey back to Africa.  God was not going to let this seeker go without bringing him face to face with a follower of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the Lord called Phillip (follower of Jesus) to run and intercede on the desert road back to Africa.   The seeker met the Lord’s evangelist and the evangelist lead the seeker to Jesus Christ by explaining how passages such as Isaiah 53 refer directly to Jesus.   They stopped the chariot the Lord’s evangelist baptized the seeker whose sensitivity brought him on a journey. The Lord compels men to leave where they are at and take another road. The Lord compels men to seek salvation through Jesus Christ. The Eunuch’s sensitivity to the Lord brought him on a long journey, but it was a good journey.  Our journey today doesn’t have to be a long travel, but it may be long in the sense that we have made it difficult for the Lord to draw us anywhere.

The quest for us is to be sensitive to the Lord. He is calling and leading us to where He desires us. The journey doesn’t have to be long; for the Lord can bring anyone back to His side in a moment. Should the journey be long and hard, we have made it so. The road back to God may not look like a road very popular; however, it is the road back to Him. Salvation in Christ doesn’t take ‘desert roads’ out of our life, but salvation does lead to joy as the Lord empowers us to cross every valley.  Remember ‘seeker sensitivity to Jesus’ and live!!!

Pastor Gerald Casselman