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Proving Holy Spirit... Acts 8.9-25
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Proving by the Holy Spirit (Acts 8.9-25)

So, suppose we have accepted Jesus Christ? The question here is, “Do we invite the ‘presence ‘of the Holy Spirit?  Surely upon accepting Jesus Christ, the new Christian must have (and desires to have) the Holy Spirit.

About 15 years ago, I was in the deep south of the United States. I was seeking the Lord’s direction where He wanted me to relocate. I had two calls… 1) to South Carolina or 2) to Arkansas. I sought the Lord’s desire and He directed me to Arkansas. We must have the Holy Spirit guiding our moves and our heart; for this is the experience after which one initially receives Jesus.

How does the Holy Spirit work in our lives?     Look at what happened to a man who misused the Holy Spirit; after which he had accepted Jesus Christ.     

This is about the gift of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers and one’s attempt or misuse of the Holy Spirit. It is about accepting Jesus Christ and the further acceptance of the Holy Spirit. It would seem that the two are separate experiences in the Christian faith. It would further seem that the Holy Spirit proves the initial acceptance of Jesus in the believer’s life.

Simon accepted Jesus Christ; along with the people of Samaria; an area north of Jerusalem and in-between Jerusalem (Judea) and Galilee. Before the acceptance of Jesus, Simon was a powerful display of magic; a magic the Samaritans thought was a great power from God. After he and the Samaritans heard the Phillip’s preaching of Jesus Christ and the realm of God, they left that darkness and entered into the light of Christ.

It was good that Simon accepted Jesus, but the further experience of the Holy Spirit was about to reveal the darkness still hidden in his heart and life. He sought to buy the further Christian experience of the Holy Spirit; rather than to allow the Spirit to change and mold his heart. Simon sought to, not only buy, but to control and become an authorization over it; as he did with the dark powers of sorcery which he previously worked in.

Peter and John came to Samaria after they heard about the Samaritans accepting Jesus Christ. Because they had yet to receive the Holy Spirit, Peter and John laid hands on them and they received the Spirit. Simon, rather than to experience the indwelling movement of the Spirit (within his heart) gave his attention over to the effort to control and manage it over the lives of people. Peter picked up on this error and sharply rebuked Simon. Simon asked Peter and John to pray for him; however, it doesn’t seem that Simon’s desire was for the work of the Spirit in his heart. Simon’s focus was more on keeping out of trouble. Peter had condemned Simon’s heart and his money. Simon placed more value upon keeping himself safe from perishing; rather than to seek God’s forgiveness and movement in his heart.   

What is our present experience in the Holy Spirit?  Could we have accepted Jesus Christ without the experience of the Holy Spirit?   Seems we could be in danger, as Simon was, of perishing.  Do you have the Holy Spirit proving your Christian experience? What a joy it is to have this ‘proving experience.’   

addition: I want to make a careful addition to this writing. The deep purpose of this passage (Acts 8.9-25) is the inner work of the Holy Spirit which Simon wasn't allowing in him. The Holy Spirit is the very presence of the Lord in the heart cleansing the heart of the sin nature. Without this inner work movement of the Spirit in the heart, Christians fall away and many may not even know the genuine initial salvation experience. This surly was an early mistake in the new Christian life Simon. Possibly, he could have rectified it; however, the text doesn't entail that he did. If we have made this error of attempting to control the Lord in our lives, remember, God is so forgiving. Repent, ask for forgiveness and move onward to the great things of God in your life and for your world.
Pastor Gerald Casselman