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Another Spirit / Acts 2.1-13
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Another Spirit Acts 2.1-13

I want to be in whatever place and condition God needs me to be in for His coming. I don’t want to miss His Spirit or the refreshment renewal of His Spirit in my life. I know that many things can go wrong without the awareness of the Holy Spirit; therefore, I want to be attentive to the Lord’s Holy Spirit. 

Consequently, then, I want also to be moveable in His Holy Spirit. I realize that the Spirit filled Christian is willing to be moved; moved in what ever direction the Lord is directing to.

I want the inner presence of God’s Spirit. The outer presence is just as important; however, when God comes to the outer presence of a man, He ‘the Holy Spirit’ always desires to deeper that relationship and experience by moving to the inner heart and soul of a the Christian. 

This inner presence of God’s Spirit takes the cold and idle believer, which may be no believer at all, and warms him or her to the activity of the Holy Spirit in the world.  This is very moving and missional.   Missional is missionary; which is what God calls us to. And, I want to be compelled to that call or experience. I know I can be compelled to the call and experience; but compelled only because the inner presence of the Lord’s Spirit  has come home inside the man I am.

Pastor Gerald Casselman