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Saved Before Trouble ... Revelation 7 ...
« on: April 20, 2018, 15:53:05 »
Saved Before Trouble  … Revelation 7

I want to avoid the great distress of the Tribulation. This passage seems to say that great distress is about to be unleashed upon the world, but not before God has sealed and established those faithful and true to Him. This is the place of my preferment. I do not want to allow sin of any kind to keep me out of this salvation and readiness in Jesus before the rapture.  Furthermore, I do not want to count on the time of salvation while in the greater time of the great Tribulation. I want the blessing of the Lord while I live in the world.  If 144,000 is the first fruits called out and sealed before the day of Tribulation, I want to be inclusive in that number as the second fruits of God’s Salvation provided by the Lamb of God ‘Jesus Christ.’ Whatever the case, I want to be sealed in God before the terrible days of the Tribulation. 

I would be disappointed and terrified if I missed the rapture. John reports a second group of people from the entire world. This has to be those who came to Christ during the Tribulation and joined in the heavenly Church. I am happy that some will be saved, but how hard it will to be saved in those days.

Could it be that both groups are of the same group?  If so, the sealed believers are the same expanded group who are now the church in heaven. This would mean that we all may go  through some greater days of distress. Each of us have the time in life now to choose to live for Christ and to receive the salvation of God in Christ. Rejection, in this view, would mean that there are no second chances; that we must get right on with the Lord even now.

Vs Nine refers to ‘white robes’ and ‘palm branches.’  This would seem to say that purity and praise is the heavenly norm of the believer in heaven.  I think it would be also necessary to live lives of purity and lives praises God yet while we live in this world. I do not want to doubt that God can purify the heart in this world. Anything less is the effort of one who has not repented; one who doubts the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. 

I want the salvation  of the Lord to be the only way my personal salvation is obtained through; that being only because has made His Son both Lord and Christ over my life.

Whatever the time frame of Christ’ coming you or I think we are in, one thing becomes clear… we must have a holy heart toward God as well as an attendant of the Church of Jesus Christ. You or I cannot expect to be with the Lord if we won’t be in His Church now.  The Church of us Christ in the present world becomes the Militant Church of Jesus Christ in heaven. Do you want or desire to attend the Church of Jesus Christ should be the concern of our heart. 

The question is (Revelation 6.17), who can stand on the day of the wrath of the Lamb of God?  Chapter seven informs us that ‘the Redeemed can stand on that great day of the Lord.’  We have the present time to settle this personal aspect of our lives.  Today is the time of redemption.  Let the Redeemed of the Lord say so…. I’m redeemed, I’m redeemed…praise the Lord.   
Pastor Gerald Casselman