Author Topic: Kept in the Time of Trouble ... John 18.1-11  (Read 1394 times)

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Kept in the Time of Trouble ... John 18.1-11
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Kept in the Time of Trouble … John 18.1-11   

Jesus took His disciples into the garden where His enemies’ would soon appear with the intent of arresting Him. The Lord didn’t want anything to happen to the disciples, so, knowing the critical outcome, Jesus stood before His enemies to avoid any harm coming to those His Father had given Him.  Jesus’ control of His enemies did not alter the plan of His Father. Jesus controlled the enemies for the sole purpose of protecting the disciples. It was Jesus’ supreme sacrifice which He would accomplish only after He had revealed and ministered for over three years. Most assuredly, this would suggest that, in our own Christian lives, we can  only master God’s plan for us in the world until we have prayed and given of ourselves to the world. Jesus acted to save others, but He did not act to save Himself. He did this by going before His enemies and drawing their attention toward Him, and Him alone. Even when Peter attempted to keep Jesus from being arrested, did Peter strike Malchus. Even then, Jesus acted to heal the enemy and remind Peter of His Father’s mission.  God’s plan, not only in Jesus’ life, but ours too, must be completely accomplished.
Pastor Gerald Casselman