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Finally in the Home of God
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Finally in the Home of God

Surly the best place to be is in the home of God.  We may dwell in the places of God, but maybe not the home of God. In the home of God, one has honest, integrity and a sinless heart.  But in the places of God, the physical places such as church, a Christian family and even one before his or her Bible, one may be only surface level. The service level is one who will only dwell in places of God where he or she can seemingly hide from the reality of truth.

The Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-24), is very familiar to those who were raised in the church. The son in the story parable, is a son who lived in his father’s  house but one who chose to leave his father’s house. Have you ever run away?  Have you ever run from home?  This son looked like a son; ate at the table, dressed in the best, attended the functions of his father’s home; however, in reality or truth, the son was only dwelling in the places of his father.

Soon, the son asked the father for an early inheritance. The father complied by selling the portion and giving the money to his son. Then, the son packed his bag and left for a far away land. The son lived like a fool in a foreign land. When the money ran out, another famine appeared. The son was so hungry he took an awful job of tending pigs; desiring the food of the pigs, but never even eating pig’s food.

Our heavenly Father doesn’t imprison His children in His home. The son may have looked like a son in his father’s home, but because he was only in the places of his father, he chose to leave the rules and home of the father.  While dwelling in the far away foreign land, famine of the heart continued until the son was poor and hungry; then the second famine set in. Now, the son regretted living in the foreign land; away from his father’s place. Could he leave this place and live in his father’s heart and home; rather, than outside the door as a hired hand. He began to think about remission and repentance. Could he return to his father?  Would his father forgive him?  The son became doubtful, so he dreamed of going back to his father and asking to be just a hired hand. At leasty, in this position he could have food and shelter.

Our heavenly Father wants more for us than only being a hired hand. Our heavenly Father wants us to move from the places of family to the home of His family.  The son in the story (Luke 15.11-24) acted upon his dream and returned to his father; hoping to become only a hired hand.   But, the son’s father saw him from a distance, ran to him, kissed him, put the family emblems on and sat at his father’s table.  The son was finally in his father’s home; rather, than in his father’s places; or out in the foreign land somewhere.  Remember, the father’s home is the father’s heart; whereas, the father’s places are places where one may hide and look the part without ever knowing the heart of the father. 

In this world, what may appear to be Christian may only be the places of God; which are not the heart of God; which is no Christianity at all. Many are fooled into the lie; living only in places where talk is self proclaimed. Remember in the places of God, a man may only look the part; living off his self proclamation. Then there are those who have boldly left even the places of God; having nothing to do with the church (the body of Christ) or the giving of time, self and money. 

But as the story event of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15.11-24) a man seeking the home of God will come to his senses. Life has become hard and we never seem to get through the valley very well. However, as the son chose to come back humbly to his father, so shall the man of God come back to the Father in Heaven to be in His heart; rather, than only in His places; as a hired hand. God wants to draw us back to His home.
The runaway turns from the plastic look to the genuine look. The runaway need not guess whether God will accept or not; for our heavenly Father is ready, and has been wooing us all along; wooing to His heart and away from the surface level places.     
Pastor Gerald Casselman