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A Calling Into the Necessity... John 4.4
« on: November 04, 2014, 11:11:13 »
A Calling Into the Necessity ... John 4.1-26

4 Now he had to go through Samaria.

Christian living is 'responding to God' and not a 'doing for God.'
The life in Jesus Christ is filled with 'necessities'; however, these 'necessities' are not based upon the necessity of doing so that I may get to heaven. Though doing, is not bad; it is, rather, the 'responding' to God that characterizes living in and for Jesus Christ in our modern world. Furthermore, responding is not to get me into heaven, although that is an outcome, but responding (rather than the necessity of doing) brings you and me into a journey of rightly relating to God; brought on by our intimacy with and through Jesus Christ.

In John chapter 4.1-26 Jesus "must go through Samaria" as He made His way further north into Galilee. In verse 4 (as quoted above) the Bible says

"Jesus needed to go through Samaria".

This is an act of responding; rather than it is in doing. You may do for God, and I may do for God. The only problem with that is that I am having a Bible study on Tuesday night, and you are having a planning committee meeting on Tuesday night. Now, we have a problem. What if we both responded to Christ rather than do for Christ? Suddenly, there are no splits or fights; all because we responded rather than doing. Wouldn't that be amazing?

The truth that "Jesus must go through Samaria' was responding over doing. Jesus could have gone around Samaria, as others did; but He opted for responding to the Father. Why did Jesus respond this way? Why go through Samaria? Verse 5 gives the answer. In the town of Sychar, there was an adulterous woman coming out to the well for water. She was the immoral poverty of the community, but Jesus "must speak to her"; not to 'send her to hell', but to give her the good news of the 'Springing up Well' (in Himself) coming from the Father. Jesus was responding to the sinful woman. It would be up to the woman to respond to the truth. Responding always precedes doing. Doing is necessary; however, responding is the initiator for the Spirit's further work in the life.

Though sin must be confronted, be cautious in your judging. It would be wise to focus on your own sin. This does not discount God's calling out the prophets and leaders to prophesy concerning the sins of the twelve tribes of Israel or the heathen nations surrounding the twelve tribes of Israel; pointed out in the prophetic books of the Old Testament (as shown in the book of Amos).

In your Christian walk today, respond to God before you do for God; letting the doing flow out of your initially responding to God. As Jesus had need to go through Samaria, your walk must be in alignment with the ways of Christ. As Jesus met and positively made a difference in the sinner's life, respond to God first; which puts you in alignment with your Creator. Then, you will be more equipped to go out in your doing to mercifully, gracefully and truthfully make a positive difference in the life of the wayward or lost soul. If the world rejects you, do not force your kingdom ideas upon the transgressor. The Spirit of Jesus is wise as He is the Lord's presence in your heart. Respond to Him, and He will show you how to build bridges to those who are in your path and life. We must also go through Samaria, but we must do so by responding to our Lord.. Gerald
Pastor Gerald Casselman