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So, Bad Things Happen... another crosspoinT
« on: September 19, 2013, 13:05:24 »
So bad things happen? We can all give our ideas why they do. Was it the old ugly Adamic nature? Was it the fallen nature of someone else? It is surly true, because of the sin-tainted world from the fall, that trouble comes upon someone; just or unjust. Notice, however, the new position. Well, actually, not a new position; for it's been around forever. The idea, here, is that we need to look beyond the fallen condition of our world and humanity for the answer. Maybe we need to focus beyond the trouble or why it is there. Let's focus on the remedy. If we are willing to give Jesus Christ a thought today, then we know what He said about bad things, troubles or anything else we may bring up. Jesus said about bad things... "This has happened so that the works of God might be displayed in his life" (John 9.3). One of the key words here is "might"... not will. The "might" is conditional upon our will to follow God's plan (John 9.7). The result is "he came home seeing" (9.7). I am all for getting past my effort for placing blame on things, people or the inner conditions of the heart; though these are important. Let's give Christ a thought and walk in His remedy; rather than place blame on the other source (Genesis 3.12,13). Hey, God wants to focus upon His remedy through the purpose of His full expression in the world; thus Jesus Christ. I'm all for getting into the solution, rather than the blame... (Another crosspoinT  .... Gerald Casselman, evangelist
Pastor Gerald Casselman