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Commitment lesson for 1/13/13
« on: January 12, 2013, 22:39:01 »
Commitment: I want to talk about 3 areas of comittment.

Commitment to Christ: It is possible to know all about Jesus and not really KNOW Jesus, unless you are saved.
Things to think about: Going through the motions..., what is your character, is it like Christ?, are you careful in what you say, do and think?.

Personal Commitment: Includes a personal decision for Christ, also a personal testimony. living out the true Christian life. In every area submitting to God's will in everything.
Daily study, devotionals, prayer time- overall building up your relationship with God and others.

Re-commitment: maybe we have fallen away in some area in our lives or not truly given something over to God. This is a time where we come to that realization and we make a decision to improve in such an area or give up or sacrifice something to God.
Just like people commit to a New Year's resolution, we resolve to be better for Christ and we allow God to work in and through us to shape us according to His will and purpose for our lives as we continue to trust Him in everything.

Can we have any kind of commitment without trust?

What is commitment for you?

How/where can we improve in our walk with God?

What can we commit to him today?

Bible Verses about commitment:

Ge 15:6,Dt 33:9, Ru1:16-18, Ps 31:15,40:6,86:11, Pr. 23:15, Isa. 58:6-7, Jer 9:2,26:10-16, Eze. 20:3, Zec. 13:3, Lk. 14:26, Jn 6:51,53-58, 2 Tim. 3:7, Rev. 3:16